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Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath

Congratulations! You are on the way toward achieving the fresh, clean breath you want ­ and deserve ­ with the Breath Rx Breath Management System. The Breath Rx Breath Management System was developed to make long-term treatment easy, convenient and effective.

Most people think that bad breath is a result of what's going on in our stomachs. But that's not the whole story. The actual odor of halitosis is generated by bacteria that thrive in the mouth under the gums, and in the nooks and crannies on the teeth and the surface of the tongue. Left untreated, these bacteria create volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that have a characteristic "rotten egg" smell. Most people would probably like their breath to be more pleasant than that. That is precisely what the Breath Rx System is designed to do-give you pleasant smelling breath.

Americans spend over a billion dollars each year on over-the-counter products that do not eliminate bad breath. While most mouthwash products mask bad breath, few are effective after a few hours. None of them will manage Chronic Halitosis.

Most of the over-the-counter mouthwashes contain alcohol that dries soft oral tissue, ultimately leading to even faster formation of odor causing bacteria. In addition, mouthwashes that contain more than 25% alcohol can increase the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancers by about 50%.

With Breath Rx, that's a risk you don't have to take. Breath Rx is 100% alcohol-free. Breath Rx outperforms other products that only mask odor, because it eliminates the cause and neutralizes the resulting odors of halitosis. Ask us about breath Rx. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your breath is as fresh as it can be!